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“It all started with my lay-off from Boeing. I thought my life was over. Not so. I am doing so well and I want you to share this with you. Career Development Solutions and OneStop gave me the opportunity for CompTIA Network+ and CCNA training which is making me glow at work. I am so appreciative to Lisa, Jeremy and Marcy from OneStop...oh and Marcus who is an awesome IT Mentor. My life has been forever changed. I strive to grow and learn everyday.You’re awesome. I had to stop and say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I was thinking of all my thankfulness as the year winds down.”

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Anthony Voce

Gardena, CA

Luis is a Navy veteran who exited service this year and was seeking civilian employment in information technology (IT), an entirely new field for him. Luis took advantage of veteran-focused services provided at the South Metro Career Center and enrolled in computer certification courses. One month after completing his training, he was hired as an IT specialist. Luis' success is important for many reasons. It demonstrates that workforce programs help veterans to successfully transition to civilian employment. It underscores that our programs have an impact on reducing the high veteran unemployment rate. And, we are proud that we can serve a veteran who selflessly served his country for many years.

Luis Salvatierra

Navy Veteran

“From staying home for more than 10 years— and then my husband passing away—I was kind
of depressed, because I wasn’t confident to go out and get a job...I would recommend Career Development Solutions to anyone that I know. I myself will go back to them if I need training later.”

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Elizabeth Nguyen

San Bernardino, CA

"Increasing my technical know-how in the IT industry and providing my company with the ability to obtain more government contracts was the driving force behind obtaining my certifications. My training advisor was insightful in working with me to formulate a training solution that was geared toward my specific needs. Ultimately it was the attention to detail and the willingness and support from my instructors and my educational guidance that I chose Career Development Solutions."

Fernando DeCoster

Los Angeles, CA

"Career Development Solutions is perfect for the working professional. The course schedules can be tailored to meet your needs. The staff is courteous and professional and they are ready to help facilitate student success.” Michael has already passed the Microsoft PowerPoint exam and continues to excel in the ACE Web Specialist program."

Michael Brooks


For Scott Landry, who went on to found LandryIT, taking the reins started when he found himself unemployed and without a college degree. Scott realized that it was time to embrace a new career path, and a friend’s advice about how he could get funding for career training and technical certification helped kick-start his career transition.

“IT is a great field,” Scott says. “And Career Development Solutions training and certifications can open new doors.”

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Scott Landry

Anaheim, CA

"Getting training is important, but Career Development Solutions is more than a training center. An integral part of the organization is the staff behind the great training opportunities. The persons in accounts, marketing, mentored learning support, IT, and front office staff all contributed to my excellent experience; each person was a supportive element to the organization and to its customers, the students. Each time I needed support to get a question answered or technical assistance a staff member was available to help me. Moreover, I had a few chats with staff in the break room where each time I was personally engaged with, I was asked where I was in my training process, and how was I achieving my occupational goals. Equally important, all the instructors I had were supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend Career Development Solutions as your training center, not just for training but for encouragement, support, and the human element of professional enrichment."

Robert Dan Allan

Los Angeles, CA

"The instructors were vibrant, knowledgeable, and exciting to learn from which greatly assisted in my overall success. Each instructor’s unique personality and teaching style made learning exciting and fun! It was very obvious that their dedication, academic preparation, and patience with re-explaining in order for me to fully comprehend was never bothersome. I will continue to recommend Career Development Solutions for anyone wanting to sharpen their skills or earn certifications. Again, I offer my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the entire staff– everyone made a profound difference in my overall success."

Dori Avila

Anaheim, CA

Learn how one of our students went from unemployed to an IT entrepreneur.


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