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  • Contact Us: Use the form on this page to connect with an Education Advisor who can help you get access to funds for job retraining.
  • Career Training Programs: Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and with the right career training programs, you can advance your career or start a new one. Career Development Solutions offers an extensive curriculum of career training programs to help you master the skills you need to get to the next professional level. View Training Programs.
  • Job Placement Assistance: It is our goal to provide supplemental job placement services to our students while enrolled in our programs. This support gives our students an edge over thousands of candidates looking for similar jobs. Students have access to career readiness webinars, resume development/review and distribution, interview coaching, job search assistance and other professional development resources. Read more.

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“I would recommend Career Development Solutions to anyone that I know. I myself will go back to them if I need training later.”

Elizabeth Nguyen - Career Development Solutions Graduate, Formerly New Horizons

“I’m always adding skills to my toolbox, and Career Development Solutions gives me
the additional skills I need.”

Anthony Voce - Career Development Solutions Graduate, Formerly New Horizons