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In uncertain times, there are a few people that we can trust to lead us in the right direction. You want to see your closest friends, family, coworkers, and service members succeed. For that reason, we are offering you a piece of that success.

pinpng.com-amazon-button-png-6897524Make a referral of someone you know who is unemployed, underemployed, a recently dislocated worker, or someone looking to upgrade themselves to a new career or career advancement. Then, to say "Thank You" for your referral, we'll send you a $100 Amazon gift card when your referral enrolls with us and starts class.

How to Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card

1. Fill out the form on this page with your information and your referral's information. You must complete all the fields.

2. One of our Education Advisors will reach out to the person you refer. (It helps if you tell them we'll be calling and emailing.)

3. We'll help them get started by:

  • Assessing their career goals
  • Helping them get access to funds for job retraining
  • Finding a career program that's right for them

4. When the student enrolls in a career program and their program starts, we'll contact you to send your $100 Amazon Gift Card.

You can make as many referrals as you like, but in compliance to state and local approving agencies, each individual is only allowed a single gift of $100 in value once in a calendar year.

About Career Development Solutions Job Training

There are a few careers that are still successful like IT, cybersecurity, project management, and office administration.

Since 1982, we have trained thousands of students for job roles in IT. Training is delivered online by a live instructor. 

Our Education Advisors can help get access to funds for job retraining.

  • Approved WIOA, TAA, and Rapid Response Back to Work Programs
  • Trainers and Instructors who know how to help you adapt to new technology
  • Real World Simulation Learning Labs
  • Certification Exams & Preparation Tools
  • Local and National Job Placement Assistance
  • Authorized Courseware & Certified Classroom Training
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Make a Student Referral


 "I lost my job, I got laid off, and I was lost. I didn't know what to do, where to go, and I was not up to date. I thought I would reach out and get some courses or certifications and it took me to an whole different field...I was able to get certified in some of the subjects and after that, once I put them on my resume I was able to find a job. Career Development Solutions was the best thing that happened to me because it put me on the right track to where I wanted to be and it was when I most needed it.


Sheri Azer, Laid Off Assistant to Project Manager 


"After 13 years I said 'Uh-oh! I see the handwriting on the wall.' They were thinking about taking our work and shopping it down South. I knew I had to go from aerospace into something. When I was here I understood that I was getting excellent training. I understood that I was working with people who knew what they were doing and could get me a logical path to where I needed to go. " 

Victor Dillingham, Career Transitioned Aerospace to IT Professional