Leadership & Development: Strategic Negotiation Skills

DATE: Tuesday, June 18 2019

TIME: 9:00 am PDT

PRESENTER: Tom Brooks, Executive Leadership Coach

Negotiating is an art form. To get what you want, you need to be aware of the other side’s objectives, seeking a mutually beneficial result. You must be able to decide on a goal, plan carefully, and apply key skills and tools to reach a successful outcome. In this webinar, we will discuss some of the essential strategies and techniques needed to guide negotiations from opening discussions through to a positive result.

  • Prepare for a negotiation applying best practices
  • Create your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  • Build common ground and consensus in your negotiation strategies
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Acing the Interview

DATE: Friday, June 21 2019

TIME: 8:00 am PDT

PRESENTER: Gary O'Neal - Recruiting & Corporate Hiring Consultant

So you have been called for an interview, what now?! Learn what you can do to set yourself apart from the other candidates. It’s all about being properly prepared and knowing how come across as a problem solver rather than just another job seeker. This approach will set you up for success and prepare you for your all important interview.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to stand out and be seen as a problem solver and the candidate of choice
  • How to maximize the valuable time you have in front of the employer
  • How to utilize your research before, during, and after the interview
  • How to answer and ask questions with confidence
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Effective Job Search Strategy

DATE: Friday, July 12 2019

TIME: 8:00 am PDT

PRESENTER: Gary O'Neal - Recruiting & Corporate Hiring Consultant

Want to land that job? You need an effective and assertive plan. All hiring happens at the front of the line when you get to talk with the hiring manager, not at the end of the line when you apply for a job. This workshop teaches you how to get to the front of the line and helps you map out your action plan to be successful in your job search.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Transform job search frustrations into action items
  • Discover what components make up a successful strategy
  • Understand the difference between a "Hidden Job" and an "Open Job"
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to connect with the right people
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Leadership & Development: Writing for the Business Professional

DATE: Tuesday, July 16 2019

TIME: 9:00 am PDT

PRESENTER: LaTasha Sturdivant, Executive Leadership Coach

From informal memos to detailed reports, writing skills are essential for effectively communicating in the workplace. Tone and phrasing can have a significant impact on how your ideas are received and can bolster your arguments when you need to make a point. In this webinar, you will learn tips and techniques to write in an appropriate format, clearly convey your thoughts, and organize your writing.

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