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Do you ever feel like there must be more than the job you have now? We're committed to helping you pursue better opportunities, grow your responsibilities and provide a better future for you and your family. 

Career Development Solutions programs are designed to provide you with the skills and certifications necessary to advance your career and learn the skills to help you qualify for jobs in the high-growth industries. 

  • Programs designed to fill growing employment gaps
  • In Demand Certification and Professional Skills 
  • Flexible Learning Options to Meet Your Needs
  • Education Advisors to help you determine the right path
  • Real World Simulation Learning Labs
  • Certification Exams & Preparation Tools
  • Local and National Job Placement Assistance
  • Authorized Courseware & Certified Classroom Training

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"I started as a Desktop Support Specialist. I worked my way from there all the way up to Director... I actually ended up replacing my boss! Had I not attended Career Development Solutions, that door would have never opened for me."


Oscar Alvarez, IT Director


 "I thought I would reach out and get some courses or certifications and it took me to an whole different field...I was able to get certified in some of the subjects and after that once I put then on my resume I was able to find a job. Career Development Solutions was the best thing that happened to me because it put me on the right track to where I wanted to be and it was when I most needed it."

Sheri Azer, Project Management Professional