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Will IT Training Help You Land A Job?

Will IT Training Help You Land a Job

"Will IT training help me land a job?"

That's a question many unemployed people are likely asking themselves. There are three possible answers to that question:

  1. Look at New Horizons student success stories
  2. check out our student placement rate
  3. Take my experience as example

By 1999, I had been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years. I rented, repaired, and delivered film editing equipment to various film studios in Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the surrounding area as well as on locations.

While preparing a piece of equipment to go on location, I was making a bulb and fuse kit to send with the equipment, so they could perform minor repairs. The kit was a small one-inch by one-inch plastic box with small compartments that included small needle nose pliers and screwdrivers. Several of the compartments needed to be cut out to make room. While I was doing this, the box broke and the utility knife I was using plunged into the palm of my hand, severing a tendon.

I was rushed to the hospital where the emergency room surgeon stated nothing serious had been damaged and sewed me up, leaving the severed tendon. But before leaving the hospital, I could feel that something was wrong. After much insistence, I got an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, who confirmed that I had severed a tendon. I had surgery to repair it.

After months of physical rehabilitation, I was awarded job retraining through workers compensation insurance. By this time, I had already started playing with and building my own computers at home, so I chose the IT path for my retraining.

I attended classes with the goal of being certified in CompTIA A+, MCP, MCP+I, and MCSE in 2000. I had not yet completed all of my courses, but with my A+ and MCP certifications in hand, I landed a job at a multi-national IT Fortune 500 company, where I started at the Help Desk and continued my classes at night. I spent 10 years working for that company, moving from Help Desk to Desktop Support to Systems and Network Administration.   

So, will IT training help you land a job? Yes, because IT training worked for me. But don’t forget – you will get out of your training what you put into it.

Originally written by Robert Johnson

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