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Why Many Students Come Back for More IT Certifications


What opportunities are available with IT certifications?

Learning is a lifelong process, and it can revolutionize your career if you take advantage of it. By earning an entry-level certification such as CompTIA A+, you’ve opened a range of options and opportunities for your career and education.

You can dive into the workforce immediately, gaining experience as a help desk technician or IT support staff member. These positions offer good salaries and the opportunity to learn and develop your own skills on the job, especially if you have the drive to teach yourself at every opportunity.

Alternatively, you can specialize and further your education with more advanced certifications. CompTIA Security+, for example, can help you break into cybersecurity, a field that’s only growing as cyberattacks increase. With specialization, you can address the unique issues that companies face, and you’ll become a vital part of your employer’s organization. According to PayScale, as of 2019, the average salary for employees with a CompTIA Security+ certification is $73,000, so gaining additional IT certifications is an excellent investment.

The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

You may already have a certification or a decent career, and you undoubtedly have a busy life. Why should you continue your education as an adult? Aside from a higher salary, completing training and earning certifications can provide a number of benefits to your life and career, such as:

  • Finding a job faster
  • Easily earning promotions
  • Staying up to date with rapidly changing technologies
  • Sparking fresh ideas and new perspectives
  • Keeping your mind sharp and agile

Furthermore, with training and certification, you can make a powerful impression at your job. According to Microsoft, its certified developers are 90 percent more productive and 60 percent more efficient than their peers, allowing them to nearly double the number of applications they develop and cut their development time in half. And this productivity is reflected in their salaries: Microsoft certified technologists make 15 percent more than uncertified workers.

Seriously consider earning additional certifications. At a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional college degree, they are a fantastic way to build on your existing skill set and enhance your career prospects.

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From Unemployed to Entrepreneur

One of our students, Scott Landry, has firsthand experience with the life-changing potential of career training and IT certifications. Laid off from a grocery store with no college degree, he used the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act to seek training at New Horizons Career Development Solutions.

Scott studied hard, earning CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Microsoft Windows, security, and networking certifications, and he quickly found a job through placement services. He worked in computer service and help desk support, aiding customers with systems configuration, networking, printer setup, and more.

While at his first job, Scott continued to learn, growing his skills as he worked on various repairs and procedures. He jumped from a level one tech position to a senior tech in six months!

Eventually, his employer went out of business, and Scott returned to New Horizons Career Development Solutions for additional education. While studying, he landed a position offering remote IT support, and he worked as a subcontractor while building his own client base. Scott quickly launched his own IT consulting service, and now LandryIT supports more than 25 companies, including some with ongoing contracts.

Keep Learning

Scott is still close with New Horizons Career Development Solutions instructors, and he continues to study and earn certifications. He believes that career training and certification served as a vital step toward starting his own business, and he especially valued access to practical experience and hands-on training. With two IT certifications, Scott was even able to double his income in one month!

Scott believes career training is a fantastic path for anyone: “Do it for yourself. IT is a great field, and New Horizons Career Development Solutions training and certifications can open new doors.”

We hear this story a lot, and more than 15 percent of our students return within two years for additional training and certifications. One of our students said that pursuing training is “like being a kid in a candy store.”

“Everything I know now about networks and cybersecurity has come together thanks to New Horizons, and it’s made me better at school and in the workplace,” they added. “I’m always adding skills to my toolbox, and New Horizons gives me the additional skills I need.”

Beyond career training and certification, lifelong learning will keep your mind sharp. Read a lot and take advantage of online resources and tutorials. Pay attention and take every chance to reflect and learn from practical experience. And if you want a head start on that practical experience, contact New Horizons Career Development Solutions for a consultation.

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