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If you're a skilled problem solver, you're a people person, and you're deadline and detail-oriented, you may be wondering—what does a manager do? Managers today spend their time analyzing how best to ensure their department improves the top and bottom lines of a company. Managers delegate tasks and responsibilities, create reports and presentations, and collaborate with other departments to achieve goals. They must be effective communicators, coaches, and lifelong learners.

Companies from almost every industry need managers to execute their business processes and projects and these management roles are often much less technical than the positions they manage. This is great news if you're looking for a new job because managerial skills can qualify you for a wide variety of positions. Read this blog to determine whether you could apply your skills to a rewarding career as a Management Professional.

How Much Do Managers Make?

With so many businesses struggling to retain talent amid the Great Resignation, the demand for managers with excellent leadership skills, a high degree of empathy, and the ability to motivate their team to complete projects accurately and on time is growing. The average salary for a Management Professional is $74,670* and the projected number of job openings for Management Professionals is 114,200*.

What Does a Manager Do?

Managers must be highly organized and intuitive to successfully handle their staff and the projects that they are tasked with completing. This means being highly skilled at communicating and understanding the needs and concerns of staff both above and below them, knowing how to identify and cut unnecessary costs, optimizing processes to save time, and thinking critically about how projects serve the organization's comprehensive goals. Managers must also be highly decisive, collaborative, and skilled at solving problems.

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Management Certification Programs

Managers must be constantly refining their collaboration, communication, optimization, and project management skills. Certification programs that can help managers be successful include:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Project Management Professional (PMP®)

Manager Job Titles

A Management Professional job role can take many forms and be labeled in a variety of ways depending on the particular industry and organization. Common job titles to look for when searching for a management role are:

  • Branch Manager
  • Administrative Director
  • Account Executive
  • Office Manager
  • Business Administrator

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Becoming a Manager

Every business out there needs managers to complete projects and achieve goals in a quick, smooth, and cost-efficient manner. Managers are the necessary bridge between a staff of technical roles and a strategy-focused leadership team.

Find The Perfect Promising Job Role For You

*Business Operations Specialists (O-NET OnLine 13-1199.00 National Trends), 2021. Salary ranges vary based on job experience.


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