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Recognizing Excellence: Our Top Instructors of 2022

In the world of education and training, instructors are the guiding lights that illuminate the path to success. Our 2022 Award Ceremony was a testament to the remarkable prowess of our company, and our company is especially proud of several of the top application and technical instructors who belong to our team. These educators have not only achieved outstanding student recognition but have also set a benchmark for excellence that resonates across the company.

These instructor awards recognize the extraordinary dedication and commitment of those who go above and beyond to provide unparalleled training experiences. Their impact goes beyond classroom instruction, as they play an instrumental role in shaping the skills, careers, and future successes of their students. Let's take a closer look at these exceptional individuals who have truly shone in their dedication and commitment.

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A Letter From Our CEO

To Our Students, Clients and Partners,  

First, let me start by saying I wish you, your family and your organization the very best during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. As my family welcomed our second grandchild last week, we experienced very real concerns related to our health, communities and impact of exposure across a network of loved ones. 

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New Horizons earned CompTIA's Platinum Outstanding Leader Award

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers announced we have earned the 2019 Outstanding Leader Award at the Platinum Level from CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certification for the tech workforce, at the recent CompTIA Partner Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. The award recognizes CompTIA Partners who made a big impact in the effort to transform tech and support for the IT industry in the past year.

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