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New Horizons Announces New Partner to Offer Students National Job Placement Opportunities



Editor's Note: This post was originally published January 2019 and has recently been updated and revised for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

New Horizons Career Development Solutions is excited to present a new partnership opportunity to assist placing our students in in-demand IT careers across the country. As a leader in the IT industry, Yochana is a National Recruiting firm specializing in placing Entry-Level to Senior-Level IT talent throughout the United States.

Did You Hear the News About the Exciting New Opportunity?

"We build all our Career Development programs with you in mind. We know when you enroll with New Horizons, your end goal is to begin a new career in IT or advance into an more exciting and lucrative role. Training is an additional tool you use along the way to reinforce new skills, earn new certification and validate your current experience. We measure our success by your success, and usually that's in the form of you with a new job!" Cindy Sutherland, VP of Career Development

How This Can Benefit You

New Horizons Placement AssistanceAs a New Horizons Career Development Solutions student or graduate, our team would welcome the opportunity to speak with you, understand what career changes you are seeking, assist you in a resume critique, and help to place you into a new position. Our clients are always looking for talent in Network Technicians, Network and Server Administration, Information Security, Project Management, Mobile Development, and Software Engineering. If you’ve completed your training program or are soon graduating, this may be the right opportunity for you. Whether you are new to the IT field, or a seasoned professional building your profile with a new certification, please upload your resume here and we will be happy to try to help!

For decades our team has taken a unique approach finding outstanding talent like you! We build relationships with hiring managers and human resources teams across the country to learn and understand their open positions and we connect our candidates to their next opportunity! We receive dozens of new opportunities each and every day and there is a shortage of skilled candidates to fill these roles. With your training from New Horizons, you are the right fit for our clients.Submit Your Resume for Placement Services

Anticipate the Skills Employer are Looking

You’ve already mastered a valuable set of skills over the course of your career. But now that it’s time to go after that new job or promotion, it’s hard to fit all of that knowledge and experience on your resume. Get our complete guide and learn how to stand out in the workforce in a way that lands you the job you want, and the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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Not quite ready for interviews or still linking about career training? The path to your next career is ready to you to get going in right direction. We want to help you get there. Contact us today for a freer career consultation with a local Education Advisor. 


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