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Jobs You Can Get with Your Security Professional Certification



Ready to take your cybersecurity knowledge to the next level or achieve your Cisco certification? Our flexible training methods let new and expreienced security professionals choose their preferred learning style, while our expert team helps maximize your certification budget by optimizing key training paths. It’s time for a new approach to IT training.  Learn more about our security training and certifications here.

Most Popular Job Skills for Information Security Analysis According Payscale

Job Title: Average Salary:
Cybersecurity $76,279
Security Intrusion Detection $77,756
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) $77,647
Security Risk Management $80,606
Security Policies and Procedures $79,195

Cybersecurity Training for Beginners

Cybersecurity training is all about equipping you and your company to protect itself from cyber attacks. Basic attacks such as phishing emails, hidden URLs, hidden attachments/files, and the like are simple to prevent once you know how. Often, end-users click the wrong link or open an email they shouldn't have, and this is where beginners in cybersecurity can make their mark. Learn about the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Path.

How Do I Become Cybersecurity Certified?

Getting certified proves your knowledge in cybersecurity right away. You can take a certification exam (even without work experience) making you much more desirable to employers and helping you immediately stand out from other job seekers! The certification exam only takes a few hours and show employers that you’ve passed a tough exam based on internationally recognized standards, thus proving your competence and commitment to the industry. If you are looking to change your career, there's no better time to consider cybersecurity: U.S. businesses and government agencies are already spending billions of dollars each year to protect their data and assets from malicious attacks. With the demand for qualified security professionals soaring, certification is a logical way for you to verify your skills and get hired.

Learn about CompTIA Security+, the Foundational Entry Level Cybersecurity Certification.

What are the Career Paths for Cybersecurity?

A number of different job opportunities are available to someone with cybersecurity training, including: 

  • Data security administrator
  • Information security officer
  • Information security specialist
  • Information systems security analyst
  • Information systems security officer
  • Information technology security analyst
  • Information technology specialist
  • Network security analyst
  • Security and systems analyst

What can these kinds of jobs offer? Because this industry has such a high demand for individuals with corporate computer training in cybersecurity, the pay is well above average. The highest paying cybersecurity jobs vary, but Ziprecruiter found that, as of April 2019, the average cybersecurity job paid about $95,212 per year. In contrast, the average IT job made about $75,380. Clearly, cybersecurity is one of the most lucrative places to be in an already profitable field.

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