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Web Designers may be considered the architects of the customer experience. The websites they create have the power to make first impressions and are often the main portal to information about a company. While Web Developers do not always control the copywriting on a site, they are responsible for creating the design and layout of a website. The web designer job role is a perfect pairing of creative and technical skills. In this blog, we'll share how to become a web designer as well as what to expect in a web designer job role.

Modern Web Designers may not need to be expert coders, as there are a number of tools to help get the job done now. Experience and training in the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver, will set Web Designers up for success.

Web Designer Salary

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts job growth of 11% or higher for Web Developers. The average salary for a Web Developer is $77,030* and the projected number of job openings by 2030 for Web Developers is 11,000*.

*Web Developers (O-NET OnLine 15-1254.00 National Trends), 2021. Salary ranges vary based on job experience.

Web Designer Job Description

Web designers plan and develop websites and web pages using code and design software to create a user-friendly and visually-appealing page combining text, images, colors, sounds, and functionality. You will often be responsible for maintaining and editing the website as well as developing it to keep up with technological advances. You can find in-house web designer positions for one specific company or as part of a web design or marketing agency. Web designers can also make a living by freelancing.

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Web Designer Training

Web designers are often expected to be fluent in WordPress, UI design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Adobe (CS). Depending on the position, you may also need copywriting and design skills. Adobe Web Design is a good certification program for breaking into web design.

Web Designer Job Titles

Although the responsibilities of a web designer are pretty specific and straightforward, the actual job title can vary depending on the company. Standard job titles to look for when searching for a web designer role are:

  • Web Developer
  • Web Development Specialist
  • Web Application UI/UX Designer
  • Web UX Designer
  • Digital Designer
  • Web Design Manager

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How To Become a Web Designer

Businesses are expected to have high-quality, user-friendly websites at a minimum and many businesses need to offer desktop and mobile apps to keep up with their competition. The need for professionals with web design skills isn't going away anytime soon. New Horizons offers courses in Web Design and TONS of other IT job roles taught by our highly-rated, enthusiastic, and experienced instructors.

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