Don't Be Nervous: Career Education Classes Are Different


Learning Bytes Blog - Dont Be Nervous Career Education Classes Are DifferentHelp, I'm so nervous about going back to school for career or IT training. It's been so long since I've been in school. High school or college was very intimidating. Isn't there a lot of reading and homework? The short answer is No. Career education & IT training classes are totally different. We as instructors need to make sure that you are getting the skill before we can keep moving. Here's how it works.

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It may have been years since you've been back in a classroom. You may not have ever had an experience of a classroom with other adults. Maybe the last time that you were in school was with other children, high school,
or even college. Being back in a classroom as a working adult or in your working years can be "different".

What If I Get Left Behind?

The first thing that you need to recognize is you're not the only one going through this experience and so when you realize that other people are struggling with the same things you are, it becomes a little bit less intimidating because you know that you guys can learn together. There are many other students who are seeking IT training or career education for career transition help in the classroom with you.

As you come into a classroom,  you're nervous about whether or not you can do this. Know that we go step-by-step through everything. So I actually check with all my students before I move on to my next activity. That's why your engagement is so important. As long as you are actually on point with me and you're following along I make sure that I don't leave you behind. So you may not know anything coming in, but I'm going to watch and make sure that I don't leave you behind.

Computers are very much like math in the way that you have to understand the basics and they build. It's a building block system and if you don't understand the basics, it's really hard to do some of the later stuff. So we're going to keep an eye on you and make sure that we don't leave you behind

How Are Career Education Classes Different?

Career education and IT training classes are not the classroom environment you have been used to before. It's not like traditional school where you went and the teacher was presenting so much material during a time. Then you take a test. And whether you get an A or a C or even an F, the teacher keeps moving. Computer classes are totally different. We need to make sure that you are getting the skill before we can keep moving

They are a different type of classroom environment than what most of our students are used to. If you are nervous about being in a career development class such as Project Management or Office Administration, the feeling about being in our classroom is a lot different than being in a traditional classroom

What Do I Do If I'm Still Nervous?

If you're brand new and you're worried about getting lost real quickly you can ask one of our instructors to be in a "focus group" for that day or however long you need. That way they can really carefully monitor your screen and make sure you are following along.

For me, even if you're not in my focus group I'm watching for those response buttons to know that you're okay because I don't want to leave you behind because things build. One lesson leads to the next. So it's okay to be honest when you're not understanding something.

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How Do I Ask Questions In An Online Class?

Everyone processes information differently so I give my students access to their mics so that they can ask me verbal questions. There is also the ability to raise your hand on Zoom just like you could raise your hand in a
regular class and if you're lost or you need something clarified you can raise your hand and verbally ask it.

The chat is also an opportunity to sometimes ask a question while you're thinking about it without necessarily interrupting the instructor. The neat thing about online classes with a group is if I'm talking or explaining something I do see the questions come through in the chat.

Sometimes I have to finish my thought process and then go address the question. If that happens other students in the chat might even answer the questions before I do. That actually makes the classroom run more efficiently. For example, someone asking "hey, what file did she say we were on?" I'm not the only one who can answer that question. In traditional classes you may have been punished for trying to whisper to somebody across the classroom to ask "hey, what did what did she just say". But in career education classes group learning is encouraged. 

Questions to Consider

What can you do going forward? You can rely on what you have learned in your current role and seek a promotion or another job. Or you can acquire new skills that increase your value to your current or future employer.

Education is the key to career advancement, but you don’t need a college degree or MBA to get ahead. IT training and career training are an efficient and proven way to advance your career and acquire new job skills. Ask these questions when considering career training programs.

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