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Dislocated Worker Begins New Role as Compliance Manager



Editor's Note: This post was originally published November 2018 and has recently been updated and revised for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

In 2016, Theresia Qureshi was laid off from her $34 per hour job as an Operations Manager for RTQ Logistics due to the company downsizing. After being laid off, she found the job search process strenuous. Theresia was either overqualified for the positions she was applying for or didn't have the degree requirements the position mandated, despite having the experience.

After multiple interviews, depression and disappointment became evident during this process. Acting on the referral of a friend, Theresia enrolled into a dislocated worker program at the South Bay Workforce Investment Board Career Services Division in Carson City.  She was referred to adult training schools to help highlight her experience with the necessary certifications employers were looking for. 

Upon enrolling with New Horizons Career Development Solutions, Theresia focused on earning her Project Management Professional and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications. With these additional certifications, and her experience, she was able to expand her career search to additional opportunities. Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Training helped accentuate Theresia's current skill set and validate her experience for the next part of her journey. “I was ready to give up, I felt worthless, taking a class and working on myself made me realize how much I have to offer. Now I am utilizing all those years of experience and getting paid and appreciated for my time," said Theresia.

Theresia was recently recognized for her work ethic, career commitments and success at the 23rd Annual South Bay WIB Awards Ceremony. New Horizons Career Development Solutions was honored for Outstanding Achievement for 100% Completion and Placement  during 2017/2018 for the following programs and locations: 

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