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Tech Jobs that Will Lead the Way in 2019

Much of the growth in the U.S. economy over the past year has been due to gains in the technology sector, a trend that was reflected in PayScale‚Äôs worker survey data. Of the 10 fastest growing jobs in our crowdsourced salary data, half were in technology professions. We saw the largest increase in full stack software developers in 2018, with a 572 percent increase in respondents compared to 2017. There is intense demand for highly skilled tech workers across industries.

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3 Reasons You Should Look Into A Career in the Cloud

There are few technologies as disruptive to the status quo as cloud computing. This revolutionary service has benefits for a wide range of industries, and it is quickly being adopted by many businesses that have seen its potential. It's such a versatile technology that everything from basic data storage to app development to disaster recovery can be done using a cloud-based environment.

While the cloud is certainly a valuable technology, it's far from self-sustaining. People with specialized computer based training are required to run cloud services, which is where you come in! Although the cloud requires much more than basic computer training, it's a great career path to pursue with excellent growth potential. So, in an effort to show you just how incredible these kinds of positions are, we've made this list of three reasons why you should look into a cloud career!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is perhaps one of the most important jobs in this digital age, and yet it would appear that Americans aren't meeting the demand for professionals in this field. With studies showing a skills gap of over 2,000,000 cybersecurity jobs expected to be unfilled by 2019, it's clear that cybersecurity has a lot of potential in terms of job security.

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Why Should You Become A Programmer?

The demand for developers continues to grow as increasing numbers of companies invest in apps and web services as primary revenue drivers. In 2017, unemployment among developers dropped over 50% to a low 1.9%, cementing the profession one of the most sustainable in the modern job market. Read about the hottest niches in the developer job spectrum, or continue reading the original 2015 article below.

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Women Are Needed to Fill IT Vacancies

The information technology job market has remained stable for the most part, even during recent times of economic downturn. Growth in technology sectors that include big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, data center consolidation and cybersecurity are creating new job opportunities for aspiring IT professionals with basic computer training, as well as certified professionals. The rise of big data, for example, is fueling new opportunities for IT workers with DB2 certification. Likewise, the perilous cyberthreat landscape is actually leading to an overabundance of cybersecurity positions, as many companies struggle to fill these job vacancies. 

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