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How to Future-Proof Your Career with a CompTIA A+ Certificate Program

When choosing a career, you want to pick a profession that is challenging, lucrative, and continually in demand. When you consider all the possible careers and industries out there, they all seem to have one thing in common—computers. Computer technology powers businesses everywhere, and those computers require certified professionals to keep them up to date and running efficiently. And when it comes to technology, certifications matter. If you have a certification, it demonstrates your expertise and shows your employer and their customers that you are up to date on the latest hardware, software, and best practices.

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How Getting Your Microsoft Office Certification Can Jump-Start a New Beginning

Microsoft Office is among the most widely used suite of business software on the planet. Microsoft recently reported that commercial sales of Microsoft Office 365, its cloud-based Office suite, were up 38 percent for the last quarter of 2018, and sales of the consumer edition were up 8 percent, which means 31.4 million new subscribers. In fact, Microsoft Office 365 is overtaking Google G Suite in terms of usage, and it looks like half of organizations are standardizing with Microsoft Office.

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Fast-Growing Industries to Consider When Starting Your Career Training Program

Thinking about a new career? Are you getting bored with your old job? Perhaps you are a recent graduate looking for a way to enter the job market. Or maybe you are in a dead-end position and need some new skills to move into a new career. That’s what career training programs are all about.

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6 Big Data Career Paths in Growing Demand

The amount of data in the world is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Ninety percent of the data that exists today was generated in the last two years. As organizations race to harness and utilize big data faster than the competition, specialized data professionals are in high demand.

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ATTAC Group Inc Joins Forces with New Horzions' Students and Clients

Anaheim, CA New Horizons Career Development Solutions is happy to announce a new premier placement partnership with ATTAC Group, Inc to support our clients and students build their businesses. 

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