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Recent Posts by Melodie Wilson


Don't Be Nervous: Career Education Classes Are Different

Help, I'm so nervous about going back to school for career or IT training. It's been so long since I've been in school. High school or college was very intimidating. Isn't there a lot of reading and homework? The short answer is No. Career education & IT training classes are totally different. We as instructors need to make sure that you are getting the skill before we can keep moving. Here's how it works.

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You Don't Have to Understand Everything the First Time

What if I don't understand it all the time? The answer is you're not going to understand it all the first time! None of us has. You didn't get it all the first time you played the piano or the first time you played football or the first time you did Math. It's a process. So one of the things I think adult learners need to acknowledge is that you're not going to get it all. Trust me, I've done career development training for a long time. Using discovery can help your learning journey. Here's how discovery works.

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