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ATTAC Group Inc Joins Forces with New Horzions' Students and Clients



Editor's Note: This post was originally published February 2019 and has recently been updated and revised for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Anaheim, CA New Horizons Career Development Solutions is happy to announce a new premier placement partnership with ATTAC Group, Inc to support our clients and help students build their businesses. 

Together we are committed to helping each graduate find the next step in their career through resume writing, coaching and direct to hire placements. Our partnership is founded on the ability to match newly trained talented professionals with jobs that allow them to excel in their careers. 

 "Helping our clients acquire, develop and retain the right talent is difficult with rapid technology changes. We now have a qualified candidate pool to help find their next dream job and keep organizations running smoothly." Chase Barr, Owner, ATTAC Group Inc.

ATTAC is working with all New Horizons graduates. To begin build your candidate profile here.

By building a candidate profile, graduates can connect with recruiters and employers. It's a simple way to broadcast a candidate's qualifications and match the graduate with open positions. When graduates create a profile, they are added to a pool of qualified candidates. This helps employers find candidates who have the skills that fit their business' needs.

"Students in all levels of their career take courses and study together at New Horizons. In our Network Administrator Program there is a IT Manager, Network Administrator, new veteran preparing for a certification and a father who was recently laid off from his company after six years. These dedicated individuals are all looking forward to being hired for their next job. Together with ATTAC, we expand this synergy into the hiring processes to help our clients find the best certified and qualified candidates to support their organization." Cindy Sutherland, VP of Career Development.

How This Partnership Will Benefit Students and Clients

ATTAC is a top consulting and recruiting strategy team. The group specializes in building recruiting teams and helping qualified candidates connect with life-changing careers. For New Horizons students, that means an added layer of support after graduation and a simplified gateway to careers in their fields. 

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