9 Unexpected Industries Looking for Employees with IT Certifications



Technology is transforming every industry, so it’s no wonder why employers are looking for workers with technical expertise. At the same time, workers with the right qualifications are becoming increasingly hard to find. This is the ideal time for you to acquire new technical skills and certifications to meet the need for qualified technical talent.

According to KPMG’s annual CIO Survey, 65 percent of CIOs say that lack of technology talent is holding their organization back. In particular, there is a need for professionals with coding skills who can do everything from developing mobile apps to maintaining cloud computing platforms. And many of those tech jobs aren’t even in tech.

The technical skills in demand are as diverse as the companies seeking them. Organizations want professionals with hard skills (e.g., the ability to handle specific tasks and tools) as well as soft skills, such as creativity, collaboration, decision-making, and time management. If you have been considering a career change, why not apply your soft skills and add new hard skills with the aid of career training and certification?

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Tech Jobs Are Everywhere

Technology skills are needed in virtually every business category. In fact, technology jobs are expected to see 120 percent job growth, especially in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. According to CNBC, these are nine of the industries seeking professionals with certified technical ability.

  1. Transportation is predicted to see 108 percent job growth through 2026, with specific needs in autonomous vehicles, electric cars, and smart cities.
  2. Real estate expects 106 percent job growth, especially in online brokerages, sales support, and real estate tech.
  3. Finance anticipates 107 percent growth, driven by fintech and cryptocurrency.
  4. Hospitality anticipates job growth of 108 percent, most of it in hotels and sustainable food.
  5. Construction expects 113 percent job growth, much of it in big infrastructure and construction tech such as computer-aided design.
  6. Retail, which expects to see 103 percent job growth, has new tech jobs in personalized retail, e-commerce, and pop-ups.
  7. Media predicts 109 percent job growth over 10 years, mostly in gaming, streaming, and virtual reality.
  8. Energy expects 115 percent job growth with help from sustainable energy as well as oil and gas.
  9. Health will see 121 percent growth with new tech jobs in biotechnology, health data management, and personalized healthcare.

Certifications Help You Stand Out

With the continued demand for technology professionals, specific certifications will get you noticed.

Certification as a Project Management Professional demonstrates that you have the ability to take a project from conception to completion. While receiving training and certification in project management can help you advance your career in technology, those same leadership and organizational skills translate well to other fields.

As technology use grows, so does the demand for qualified help desk personnel. Help desk professionals need to stay current with the latest technology, so certification matters. Most help desk professionals have CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications.

Computers tend to be connected, so network administrators and systems administrators are in demand. To demonstrate expertise in computer networking, it’s handy to have Cisco certification as a network associate (CCNA), a network professional (CCNP), or an internetwork expert (CCIE). There are a wide range of related certifications in other aspects of computer networking as well.

Data security is a booming field. With an increasing dependence on computers and computer networking, there is a growing demand for certified security specialists who are qualified to deal with cyberthreats.

Certification can give you a definitive edge in today’s growth industries. For example:

  • Transportation: Remote software updates and self-driven cars make transportation a great career choice for software developers, database professionals, and security specialists.
  • Real estate requires more systems automation and secure networking professionals to support online marketing and secure transactions, as well as Microsoft-certified office administrators.
  • Finance is a wide-open technical field that needs certified experts in database administration, cloud computing, and secure transactions.
  • Hospitality is another industry where cybersecurity is a big concern, as well as maintaining transactional websites for room bookings.
  • Construction is seeing new needs for project managers, systems administrators, cloud computing experts, and even mobile developers.
  • Retailers are selling more goods online, which means a growing need for e-commerce experts and security specialists.
  • Media is going online as well, which means a need for expertise in networking, streaming systems, and new financial and subscription billing systems.
  • Energy providers are experimenting with new sustainable energy systems as well as new geological modeling and exploration systems, which means more programmers, project managers, and experts in databases and data analytics.
  • Healthcare is being increasingly regulated, which means a growing demand for database experts and developers who can help facilities innovate and ensure secure record-keeping.
  • Technology companies continue to hire new talent at an incredible rate, so certification in Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, and other platforms, as well as networking and project management, will help you stand out from the competition.

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Get Certified and Get Noticed

Although there is an increased demand for trained technical professionals, the competition is still fierce. CIOs can’t find the right talent, so they are filling positions with eager, younger employees who are willing to take a lower salary to be trained.

With the right credentials, though, you can outshine other applicants by demonstrating that you can be more productive with little training. Certifications show you have the skills companies need and are prepared to step in and contribute right away. And certifications apply to all industries. The same certified skills you may need for a job in ecommerce can be equally valuable in finance, real estate, and other growth markets.

Career training and certification can make you a terrific job candidate, and Career Development Solutions can help you get started. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the credentials you need for your next career move.

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