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Why Having Support Is the Golden Ticket for Career Training Success

With more and more free classes, guides, and training resources available online, many people seek to teach themselves as they embark on career training and further education. According to Stack Overflow, almost 90 percent of developers have taught themselves a new language, framework, or tool. The days of relying exclusively on a traditional four-year college degree and formal training are over, especially in the constantly shifting world of technology.

But despite the ease and accessibility of self-guided training, there are still significant advantages to pursuing career training with an organization that can provide instructors, advisers, and support at every stage of your education.

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Highly Organized with Attention to Detail? Consider Six Sigma Courses

Are you highly organized? Do you find yourself paying strict attention to detail, perhaps more than your peers? If so, you might have an in-demand skill set—project management.

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How a Project Manager Became More Marketable with Career Training

Before starting her career training journey, Terry Lynn Miller was faced with a decision many face: family or career? As an experienced project manager, she loved her career, but she was facing a time when going to work was not as satisfying as it once was. With an aging and ill father, Terry chose to transition out of the workforce to spend time as a caregiver for her father.

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How and Why to Brush Up on Your Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft might not be considered the cutting-edge company it once was, as trendsetters like Apple and Google have risen and social media-savvy startups create most of the excitement in tech, but many of Microsoft’s products are legacy and not going away. Consider Microsoft Office, introduced 29 years ago but showing no signs of leaving anytime soon. It’s ubiquitous in homes and offices; in fact, many users would probably be lost without it.

As proof of that, consider that an astonishing 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Office today. Seemingly everyone has some level of ability with its programs, but don’t take them lightly; mastery of Office programs such as Word and Excel is a skill people use to get ahead in office life, and they even list it on their resumes.

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Are Career Training Programs Worth the Investment?

As you embark on the next step in your career, it can be tough to decide where to start, especially if you’re seeking additional training. Career training programs and college degrees can give you a huge leg-up on the competition, but they take time and money. If you’ve been laid off, you need to find a new job fast, and you might not have the savings to pay for additional training and certification, even if it means a higher salary in the future. If you’re secure in your employment, these expenses can still be significant, and they can eat into your savings and personal life.

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